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5 Reasons why Air Conditioners Break Down

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by Raj Sidhu

Air conditioner units are used frequently during the summer, especially in areas where the weather becomes very hot and humid. Your air conditioner tends to work very hard and often, which can cause it to operate inefficiently or, even worse, break down. This is something that commonly occurs over time and usage in even the most reliable units. There are certain reasons why your air conditioner might break down that should be explored.

1. Refrigerant Leak

One of the most common issues with an air conditioning unit, which leads to it running improperly is a refrigerant leak. When this happens, the home will not be cooled to desired capacity as the leak will lead to the unit using up too much energy. This is a frustrating situation that can also result in your energy bills becoming higher.

Because an air conditioner relies on its refrigerant coolant in order to properly function, it is important to contact an HVAC specialist if you suspect a leak. The professional will visit your home and refill the refrigerant, which should rectify the problem.

2. Lubrication Problems

An air conditioning unit, like any other mechanical device, relies on lubrication in order to properly run. In many instances where an air conditioner breaks down, it is as a result of a problem with the lubrication, whether there is a lack of it, a loss of lubrication or contamination of the lubrication oil.

3. Insufficient Drainage

Air conditioners work very hard to cool the room or area in which they are installed. At the same time, they remove the humidity from the area, and this is drained outside of the home. If an air conditioning unit is unable to properly drain this moisture or cannot drain it at all, this can lead to the device breaking down.

4. Not Regularly Cleaning the Unit

Like any other device that runs on a regular basis and does such a tough job, an air conditioner should be cleaned. As the unit runs, it collects dirt, debris and dust and will cease to function efficiently or even at all. In many instances, you will either notice a change in temperature or may even see a light alerting you that the unit’s air filter requires cleaning.

If the filter is what needs cleaning, this is an easier task as all you have to do is to remove it and clean the debris on it with a damp clean cloth or sponge. If the interior of the air conditioner is dirty, you will have to turn it off and clean the inside, which is more time consuming.

5. Insufficient Maintenance

One of the top reasons an air conditioner will break down is because it is not maintained on a regular basis. Most homeowners neglect this very important aspect of caring for their unit. An air conditioner should be updated at least every 10 years as technology is always evolving. At the same time, it is important to have an HVAC specialist come to your home once per year to check on your unit and ensure it is still in good condition. This professional will inspect every component of the unit for problems. This practice is the best way to ensure the health of your air conditioning unit and can essentially extend the life of the system.

This article is written by Jet Russell. In his spare time, Jet likes to write articles ranging on a variety of different topics and is constantly taking time out of his day to contribute to the blogosphere.

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