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October 31, 2016
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Under floor hvac

Under Floor

Together with the evolving technology of today, modern offices have adapted in their building designs new inventions such as under floor HVAC. With an under floor hvac system, distribution of air is possible through the utilization of air plenums under raised floors and onto the diffusers to supply occupied areas of the building with conditioned air. Installation of these subfloor HVACs can help improve the air quality, thermal comfort and flexibility inside office buildings.

In addition, properly designed under carpet HVAC has more effective ventilation strategy compared to other conventional heating and cooling systems. This system type provides better air flow quality because air is introduced at the floor directly under the occupants. It limits then the incorporation of supplied air with the room’s circulated air. The air with lower contaminants concentration would reach the occupants first before it moves around the area. Another benefit of an under floor HVAC is that it reduces energy use for dispersion of air making it an efficient HVAC system.

Under Floor HVAC Contractors

When planning to use an under floor HVAC system, be sure to consult with the right technicians. Under floor HVAC contractors are trained particularly to manage under floor system issues. Their job duties include maintenance, cleaning, installation and repair of these units.

The assistance of subfloor HVAC contractors are especially required when system problems arise for the construction process of the system differs greatly to other HVAC systems. Troubleshooting it on your own may just bring more damage than repair. When purchasing an under floor HVAC, employ the service of under carpet HVAC contractors recommended by the manufacturers for correct installation of the system.

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