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October 31, 2016
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October 31, 2016

Split Hvac San Diego

 Split HVAC San Diego

A split hvac is a ductless type of air conditioning. This HVAC system is consist of two components: an outdoor unit of compressor and condenser, and an indoor air handling unit of evaporator and fan. Linking the two is a conduit that houses the refrigerant lines, condensate tubing and the electrical power cable. The inside unit can either be recessed or wall mounted in the home space. As for the outside unit, it is placed within 50 feet distance from the fan.

Either as home addition equipment or for the purpose of having a split heating or split conditioning, a split HVAC system can provide heated or cooled air to a room or one floor of the house. Other advantages of a split air conditioning system include easy installation as it involves no ductwork, and zoning flexibility for it provides selective temperature control. Also, since the system does not use any ducts, energy loss to the air passages is prevented resulting to reduce utility costs.

Split HVAC Contractors

A split HVAC contractor San Diego is a technician specially trained to handle the services of a split HVAC system. From installation to repair, these contractors are educated in both theory and application skills in school and on actual jobs.

Troubleshooting a split HVAC can be performed by owners because system problems sometimes are as simple as having a clogged drain or tripped breaker. But there are split HVAC system issues that are best left to HVAC experts. When the service of a professional is needed, you can help the technician by knowing the problems beforehand.

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