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October 30, 2016
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October 30, 2016

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RV HVAC San Diego

An RV hvac is a unitized heating, cooling and ventilating system that manages the inside air temperature of a motorhome. Nowadays, motorhomes are becoming a popular option to travel around when going on a camping trip. But being on the road for quite a long period of time, most people tend to feel cramped and uneasy. To avoid the sense of being confined in the vehicle, installation of an RV heat ventilation air conditioning system can let you enjoy fresh air and be comfortable during the excursion.

The air inside a motorhome is directed to a heating and cooling unit through the air return duct of a heat ventilation air conditioning system. Inside the common return duct, a filter removes dirt and other pollutants from the passing air. After the filtration process, quality air is circulated back inside the motorhome.

HVAC units for vehicles are designed to be compact for easy placement in any motorhome. It is usually installed below the living area for the reason of minimizing the noise an HVAC system produces when in operation. Also, installing it this way helps reduce the gravity center of the motorhome.

RV HVAC Contractor

Considering that RVs are widely used today, the need for RV HVAC contractors is increasing. An RV HVAC contractor is the expert when it comes to RV HVAC services. From installation to repair, these technicians handle all things concerning RV HVAC systems.

To be a motorhome HVAC contractor, one must take up classroom education and undergo on the job trainings. Courses are offered at local community colleges or at technical schools. For hands-on training, one continues to learn under apprenticeships. From there, you can take the licensing examination as required by some states.

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