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October 30, 2016
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October 30, 2016

Residential Air Conditioning Los Angeles

Nowadays, residential air conditioning is common among many houses. It is one way of efficiently cooling the air temperature inside when fans are not enough to drive away the heat. A home air conditioning system is mainly used for comfort reasons wherein family members can enjoy cool air while relaxing in their houses.

When deciding to purchase an indoor air conditioning, know first the different air conditioning systems so you can decide which one is the right type for your home.

Split System Unit
The split system air conditioner can be retrofitted to an existing heating system. It consists of two parts: the inside component involves the evaporator coil which is connected to the furnace ducts, and the outside component is composed of condenser and compressor. The two parts are then linked together with refrigerant lines.

Window Unit
This type of room air conditioner can only cool one area, placed in windows. It provides cool air into a room and conveys warm air out at the same time. This unit type is available in many sizes, so select one that fits the room to be cooled.

Portable Units
A portable type house air conditioning is similar to window units however it is wheeled in to the room and sits on the floor. It gives off cool air in small areas and carries warm air out through a hose that connects the unit to the outside environment.

Residential Air Conditioning Contractors

If you have some knowledge in dealing with AC units, it is possible to perform your own system check-up and cleaning. But, if you have no idea what to do or you have done all the things you can but still not enough, contact a professional residential air conditioning contractor.

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