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October 31, 2016
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October 31, 2016

Hvac System Insulation

Proper HVAC system insulation is an essential element when it comes to heating or cooling a home. Normally, some of the hot or cold air from the HVAC system escapes through open spaces of the walls, doors and windows of the house. This makes the system work harder and longer to achieve the desired temperature which in turn can increase the energy cost. Without hvac insulation, the efficiency of the system is reduced.

Thermal or heat insulation is designed to cut transfer of heat between the interior and exterior of the house. Installed system ducts even undergo some energy loss due to its exposure to indoor temperature. Properly insulating the ducts can help the residence remain comfortably heated especially during winter months. Alternatively, air conditioning insulation of the ductworks prevents occurrence of condensation. Good ac insulation enables the system to deliver the required cool air to a house.

There are other home insulation methods to consider in keeping heated or cooled air from leaving a room. For window insulation, check for gap spaces and air leaks. Caulk all the window frames by applying rubber weather seal strips to the cracks. Putting up window shades and thick curtains also support room insulation. As for door insulation, sealing off air can be achieved by adding stick-on seals on spaces around the door. Finish it off with a nylon brush placed on the space beneath the door.

However, if you have no idea where to start your house insulation, seek the assistance of an HVAC contractor. These professionals can give recommendations on ways to keep your HVAC system efficiently functioning.

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