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October 30, 2016

Hvac System Installation

Careful planning and some knowledge are required when doing HVAC system installation. An HVAC system is essential in home improvement as it provides heating, cooling and quality air flow to every room in a building. Construction of an HVAC fixture can make a home’s environment comfortable, safe and healthy.

Choosing an HVAC System

Installation of HVAC systems depend on many factors as there is no standard HVAC that can fit any type of building. Before purchasing an HVAC fixture, the heating and cooling requirements of a home or commercial structure in BTUs or British thermal units should be determined. Another consideration when choosing an HVAC system is the availability of fuel source and fuel costs.

Duct Works After buying a unit, it is time to install the HVAC system fixture. Proper set up includes sealing of all system ducts. It must be airtight with sealant tapes such as pressure-sensitive tape, aluminum-backed butyl adhesive tape or any tapes that are recommended by the manufacturer. For flexible ducts, connect them to a coupling system. In addition, make sure vapor barrier are intact with no holes before installation.

Refrigerant and Combustion

Check refrigerant charge of the HVAC by means evaporator superheat method for fixed metering devices or through sub-cooling method for thermostatic expansion. See to it that airflow inside the coils is more than 350 cfm per ton. As for HVAC combustion check-up, ensure correct flame in all chambers and drafting all over the system.

After the install hvacprocess, assess the performance of the system to verify if the distributed air reaches all rooms. Call for a licensed HVAC contractor to have it double checked and perform necessary changes if required.

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