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October 31, 2016
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Hvac Parts in San Diego

 HVAC Parts San Diego

hvac parts are integrated into a single, properly functioning HVAC system. Heat pumps, thermostats, compressors, refrigerants, coils and ductwork are some of the components which enable HVAC systems to operate as a climate control unit which regulates the air temperature indoors.

HVAC systems are divided into three major components: heating, ventilation and air conditioning. It is designed to distribute filtered, heated or cooled air into the interior space of a building or room, and circulate it throughout the designated area. HVAC systems operate in a cyclic sequence.


The HVAC heating component is configured by natural gas, electric, oil or steam heat sources. When the system is functioning, coils warm up and heat the air that passes through them. The heated air is then powerfully moved by fan force into the system ducts and out into the building. When the room temperature is balanced with the programmed thermostat setting, a relay switch automatically turns off the burner and fan. However, if the room temperature is below that of the pre-set level, a switch is tripped igniting the burner.

Air Conditioning

The objective of air conditioning is to remove the heat from the air by means of a refrigeration process. Pressure on the refrigerant is lowered by the compressor, which is then pumped towards the metal coils thus reducing the temperature of the coils. As air passes through the coils, it assumes a similar temperature. The cooled air is then forced onto the ductwork and circulated inside the room.


The ventilation system is installed to manage air flow. By means of fans, ducts and vents, indoor air is replaced by outdoor air, while removing air pollutants as well. Through the operation of the heating and air conditioning parts, outdoor air is distributed inside the room as part of the ventilation system function.

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