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October 31, 2016
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Hvac Humidifier

Installing an hvac humidifier can support your existing heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in keeping your home’s air flow quality in good condition. A good HVAC humidifier can offset winter air effects such as itchy eyes, dry throat and dry sinuses. It can protect your home furniture as well from peeling and other damages due to extreme humidity levels. Also, with a humidifier in place, the humidity level and moisture in your home can be managed well thus preventing health problems from occurring.

HVAC Humidifier Types

A filter-based HVAC humidifier, consists of a spongy or wick-like organic filter, dispenses drops of water when air passes. This humidifier type is soaked in water to maintain its moistness. The humidifier is either connected to a water pipe to keep it wet or the owners have to regularly replenish the humidifier with water.

Generating sound waves in high frequency, ultrasonic HVAC humidifier releases small water drops to the air inside the HVAC duct. Although this humidifier type may be the best choice in being an energy efficient unit, the use of ultrasonic mechanics may oftentimes provide poor air quality and sometimes health related problems. It must be cleaned regularly for safety reasons.

With steam-based HVAC humidifier, water is brought to boiling to create hot steam. It is known to consume energy in large amounts thus increasing functioning costs.

Other Benefits of HVAC Humidifier

The presence of HVAC humidifier within your system can help keep your system energy efficient. Too high humidity level in the house can get your HVAC system work harder in order to keep up. While, too low humidity level may compromise your comfort. With an energy efficient system, your home’s operating cost is reduced as energy consumption decreases.

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