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October 31, 2016
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October 31, 2016

Hvac Grilles

HVAC grilles or grills refer to the top covers on air ducts which consist of series of bars that form an enclosure. Depending on the system used, a heating grill, air conditioning grill or ventilation grill allows free movement and passage of air and other gaseous substances from one space to the other. Also, installation of hvac grill blocks entrance of large objects and small animals to the air ducts.

Included in an HVAC grill is a switch that controls its opening and closing. Twisting the switch to shut the grill prevents air flow from entering a room. This way, rarely used or unoccupied rooms will not be cooled unnecessarily thus saving you money on energy bills.

HVAC Grill Designs

An HVAC grill comes in several decorative designs meant to compliment any interior d?cor. There are HVAC grills made of scrollwork, flat brass, wood, ceramic and even painted metal. In addition, the grills can be customized to fit the preference of the homeowner. As these HVAC grills typically installed on the floor or ceiling of the room, the designs are created to match the area in order to blend in the background.

Grill Service

Like any mechanisms, an HVAC grill can get dirty. It can also be a thriving ground for dusts, molds and bacteria. Too much dirt can reduce the quality of circulating air and may even result to a broken grill. Regular maintenance of the grill is important to keep it running smoothly. In the event you are not confident to perform this task, you can hire the service of expert HVAC technicians. Aside from cleaning, they can install grill properly and replace grill if necessary.

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