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October 31, 2016
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October 31, 2016

Hvac Ductwork

hvac ductwork refers to the system of ducts and vents used to carry and transport heated or cooled air in an HVAC system. These ducts deliver clean, quality air and remove stale air from a room to create a comfortable indoor temperature. Ductwork types such as fabric ducts, flex ducts and metal ducts differ in their capability to manage air and temperature but all of them work soundlessly without producing condensation.

A simple HVAC system is consist of several ducts that channel air from the furnace and out to the area. For the return air, another duct line is used. The size of the ductwork greatly affects the efficiency of the HVAC. Too small ducting size can cause restriction due to high air velocity thus decreasing airflow. This makes the system work longer and harder to supply a room with the desired temperature. On the other hand, a too big ducting size will have lower air velocity giving off warm or cold air prematurely before passing the HVAC registers. For ductless HVAC system type, ductwork is not needed to distribute heated or cooled air into a house.

Cleaning Air Ducts

HVAC duct cleaning is mostly performed by professional HVAC technicians. The work involves use of specialized equipment, chemical sanitization and proper handling as some parts are easily damaged. Duct cleaning process includes other heating and cooling system parts like grills, registers, heat exchangers and HVAC coils. Ductwork rates for cleaning services range from $450-$1000. Duct cleaning rates differ depending on a home’s category type. A single-zone residence can cost $400-$600 and for a two-zone house, ductwork pricing on cleaning may cost $600-$1000.

Presence of dust, dirt, mould and moisture pose health risks and allergies. When these contaminants are noted, contact for a professional HVAC technician for ductwork services.

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