Hvac Compressors in San Diego

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October 31, 2016
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Hvac Compressors in San Diego

 Hvac Compressors in San Diego

HVAC compressors are fundamental components of the heating and cooling systems in any HVAC unit. An HVAC compressor is responsible for bringing up the density, temperature and refrigerant level within an HVAC system. This mechanism uses the refrigerant to condense the air thus creating cooled air to be distributed throughout the house. There are different types of HVAC compressors. In choosing the right type of cooling or heating compressor for your HVAC, the size of the room and your cooling and heating needs are to be considered.

Rotary Compressor
A rotary compressor is known for its functioning reliability and quiet operation. It is best used in small jobs. This air conditioning compressor type is commonly seen in window air conditioners.

Scroll Compressor
The scroll compressor type has become the most used in home air conditioning compressor for HVAC units. From its first introduction, it has been recognized to be a reliable and efficient option gaining more users every day. Its reliability comes from the fact that compared to other compressors, it has fewer movable parts.

Reciprocating Compressor
Reciprocating compressor can be utilized for residential use or small industrial use. It can be found in refrigerators, freezers and other ice machines. This HVAC compressor type is said to be versatile with economical operating cost.

HVAC Technicians

To fix compressor problems, contact an expert technician for the job. These HVAC contractors are specially trained to handle the services of HVAC parts and systems. With at least two years of schooling and undergoing an apprenticeship program, they are prepared to work on any HVAC units. For some other States, these technicians are required to take up licensing examination to obtain professional license. Besides compressor repair, they can also install compressor, perform compressor maintenance and replace compressor as necessary.

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