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October 31, 2016
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October 31, 2016

Hvac Chillers

hvac chillers are mostly industrial grade refrigerating or cooling systems. Their systems consist of a compressor, condenser, evaporator, reservoir, stabilizer and valves for thermal expansion. With the compressor as its chief operating component, an HVAC chiller functions to condense the gaseous refrigerant in the system so heat can be extracted through the cooling course. It uses water, oils, and other types of liquid as its refrigerants.

Chiller Types

The types of HVAC chillers including reciprocating air conditioning chillers, rotary chillers and centrifugal chillers vary according to the compressor technology used. For the rotary chillers, the main feature is the internal roller which rotates when utilized inside a cylinder made of steel. Utilization of a pair of interlocking coils comes with scroll chillers in which one coil is stationary and the other is in rotating movement. Then as for the centrifugal chillers, an impeller is employed to speed up the refrigerant moving it from the intake port towards the cylinder walls. By selecting the right type of HVAC chiller, you can operate your system at its maximum efficiency with the use of small amount of energy. This way, you can enjoy a comfortable temperature during summer for a lower cooling cost.

HVAC Chiller Repairs

Simple troubleshooting such as dusting and cleaning of ventilation chillers can be performed by a homeowner. However, for more advanced repairs of problems involving the interior system, it is best to contact skilled HVAC technicians for the job. Problems like high squealing pitch over the functioning system may indicate refrigerant leaks or system degradation because of old age. These kinds of problems can only be fixed by expert HVAC technicians.

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