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October 30, 2016
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October 30, 2016

Confined Space hvac

 Confined Space HVAC San Diego

A Confined space hvac controls the air temperature and humidity of the areas in its operational parameters within its confined space location. To be referred as confined space, space must have these three characteristics per OSHA regulations: space must be adequately big and configured to allow entrance of personnel to work; the space is not made for continuous human occupancy, and the space has restricted or limited entry or exit means.

A heat ventilation air conditioning system installed in a confined space presents a series of benefits and disadvantages. As an HVAC unit is normally bulky and operate with loud noise, it is not aesthetically pleasing to have it positioned in a place where a lot of people can see. By installing it in a confined space, troubling yourself on how to blend the unit with the outside decor is not an issue anymore. In addition, an outdoor mounted HVAC is under the mercy of constantly changing climate. But, a confined space HVAC is secured and protected against harsh weather conditions. A downside on confined space is the probable build up of radon gas and mould due to insufficient ventilation of the area. However, with proper ventilation of the space, occurrence of this potential problem can be prevented.

Confined Space HVAC Contractor

Equipments like confined space HVAC units which utilize fuel as a power source need to be handled by a qualified confined space HVAC contractor. With the combustion issues that come with fuel-burning confined space HVAC units, it is imperative to hire only a qualified contractor once you notice any glitch on your unit.

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