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 Clean Room HVAC San Diego

The function of a Clean room hvac system is beyond that of typical air temperature and humidity control of other HVAC systems. Mostly seen in manufacturing or research settings, a clean room is specifically constructed to be an airtight and enclosed space with respect to environmental pollutants such as airborne particles, humidity, air pressure and airborne microbes. The room is designed with controlled contamination level particularized by the particle size and particle quantity per cubic meter.

There are several things a clean room HVAC can do. It provides adequate airflow volume and cleanliness level that is within the cleanliness rating of a clean room. This system distributes air to all spaces in the room to avoid particle build up in stagnant areas. Also, a clean room HVAC conditions the air to reach the required air temperature and humidity level inside. With sufficient amount of conditioned air, the positive pressurization of the clean room can be maintained.

Clean Room HVAC Contractors

The air inside a clean room must at all times be of high level of cleanliness even while accommodating suitably garbed workers. It is the job of clean room HVAC contractors to ensure that the HVAC system is in good working condition and up to the task of properly filtering and conditioning the clean room. Clean room HVAC contractors also see to it that the system include filtration of low levels of vibrations and noise.

A clean room HVAC contractor is trained to handle challenges that come up with clean room HVAC system. When in need of services related to clean room HVAC, call a professional clean room HVAC contractor. These Clean room hvac technicians can perform preventive maintenance, replacement, upgrades and installation of HVAC systems in a clean room.

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