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October 30, 2016
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October 30, 2016

Air Conditioning Systems Los Angeles

Not so long ago, an air conditioning system is considered a luxury. But today, it has become a necessity most especially during hot summer days. Air conditioning systems help people to relax and be in comfort. They are also advantageous in people suffering from seasonal allergies as they aid in relieving symptoms. Furthermore, air conditioning systems prevent growth of moulds in humid spaces for they keep the environment dry and cool.

An air conditioner cools a room by taking out heat present in the air. When the heat is taken out, only the cold air remains thus makes a room cool. There are different types of air conditioning systems and each type functions differently from the others.

Central Air Conditioning
This system type is very proficient as it cools every area of a building with a single unit. By means of refrigeration cycle, warm air in a room is processed in the unit which reduces air temperature. The cool air produced is then directed back to the room. The air cycles to and fro through ducts, passing air filter and vents.

Ductless Air Conditioning

This type of air conditioning system is normally used in small apartments and homes for it does not need ductworks. The inside and the outside units are connected with two refrigerant lines. One line is for electricity and the other is for air condensing. The air from the exterior compressor is pumped out towards the interior cooling part which then directs the cool air inside a home.

Stand Alone Air Conditioning

stand alone air conditioning system, also known as portable air conditioning system, is the least costly type but can only cool a small area. The unit’s fan draws air and then this air passes through a condenser filter which cools the air down before it is returned back to the room through a hose or pipe.

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