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Choose HVAC Services Heating & Air Conditioning, a reputable HVAC company in San Diego for superior HVAC Services and friendly customer support. The seasons may change, but the quality of our work never changes. Whether you are a homeowner or business owner, you'll always enjoy prompt and reliable work when you depend on your experienced team.

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The summer sun is fun except when it heats up your home or business. For comprehensive commercial and residential air conditioning services in San Diego, you need real solutions when your living space is hot. HVAC Heating & Air Conditioning brings a blast of cold air into your rooms with our prompt and efficient AC repair services.


Service & Repair

Our Master-certified technicians are extensively trained to answer and solve any heating and air conditioning questions. Our work is guaranteed, fast, affordable and professional. We service and repair all makes and models of HVAC systems and provide a 30-day labor warranty for all repairs. We stand by our work, thoroughly inspect the indoor and outdoor system and troubleshoot the issues to find the exact problem.

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Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are a split type of HVAC system that can heat AND cool your home.

Air Conditioning Units

Find out the benefits of air conditioning units and how they work to keep you comfortable.


A home furnace is a very common and efficient way to heat your home.

Space Heaters

We look at the different types of space heaters available, which are self contained units.

Green Energy Talk

Here we like to discuss and talk about green energy ideas and inovations designed for your home.


Humidifiers are great in helping you control the quality of the air inside your home.

Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are a popular product that can help combat indoor air pollution effectively.


Modern fireplaces are very popular with home owners these days.

Learn How an Experienced Heating in San Diego Company Can Help You

When you own a home, you have to make sure that you can find the best heating in San Diego. If you are experiencing problems with your heating system, then you need to contact the experts at HVAC Services, as they can repair your heating in San Diego without any difficulty. Using the best service in town allows you to have the best experience possible.


Affordable Heating Repair San Diego   (818) 854-7678

Homeowners that are experiencing cold days and nights need to have a functional heating system in place. If the unit is not maintained in the correct manner, you will find that suitable heating in San Diego can be difficult. However, when you contact the professionals at HVAC Services, you will receive the expert advice and service you need.

The affordable heating in San Diego that is provided by HVAC Services will ensure that you and your family will remain warm throughout the winter months. These highly trained professionals are well versed in the mechanical instrumentation that controls the heating system in your home. In addition, should your cooling unit malfunction during the summer months, these reputable professionals can repair your air conditioner.

Troubleshooting the Heating in San Diego

This heating in San Diego company employs skilled and experienced technicians, which means that they possess the proficiency to diagnose and repair your heating system. Using the latest in equipment, your experienced heating technician will check the heating system that is currently in your home. It will be assessed inside and out, so that any electrical or other technical problem is resolved appropriately. Some of the common problems that prevent proper heating in San Diego include tripped breakers, faulty fan motor, failing heating source, malfunctioning circuit board and much more.

Reliable Emergency Service

If you suddenly experience inadequate heating in San Diego, then you will find that HVAC Services has the most reliable emergency service. The trained heating specialists are available 24 hours a day to address the problems with your heating or cooling system.

You will find that the repair to your heating in San Diego can be very affordable, as HVAC Services offers an upfront flat fee diagnostic . You do not have to worry about hiring a company that is going to charge you a fee to arrive at your home or a per-minute charge to determine what is preventing your heating in San Diego from working.

The prompt and professional heating service that you will receive from this top-rated company will ensure that your home will be warm and cozy during the cooler months. The professionals at HVAC Services respect each customer’s home and will take great care while inside your residence. You do not have to worry about being without heat — the professionals at HVAC Services can provide you with the service and advice you deserve!

If you are experiencing heating in San Diego problems or would like to have your heating system serviced, then contact the professionals at HVAC Services now by calling us or completing the online request form on this page!

Our Experts Will:

• Check for Refrigerant Charge Levels
• Check for Refrigerant Lines for Insulation
• Check Refrigerant Control Operation
• Check for Callibration
• Check Air Filters
• Check Gas Outlet Pressures
• Check Ignitors & Flame Sensors
• Check Thermocouples
• Check & Clean Secondary Trap on 90% Furnaces
• Check for Starting Amperage of the Compressor
• Check Evaporator Coil
• Check Bearing of the Blower Motor
• Check for Drainage & Leaks
• Check Capacitors & Contactors
• Check Electrical Connections
• Check Super Heat and Subcooling
• Check Discharge Super Heat
• Check Circuit Breakers & Fuses for Proper Size
• Delta T – Temperature Difference between Return & Supply
• Check CPU Settings
• Check for Safety Controls for Defects
• Check Electric Heaters on Heat Pump Systems
• Check Defrost Cycle on Heat Pumps & Components