Hvac Heating and Cooling

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by Raj Sidhu

HVAC, otherwise know as Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning is a very important component of every home. Here at HVACHeatingandCooling.com we aim to provide you with the best most up to date information on this subject as well as other topics that involve keeping your home and family warm and comfortable. We will be looking at things like:-

HVAC and Heat Pumps:

These type of units are becoming more and more popular and are being installed as standard items in new build houses also. We will look into all aspects of this technology, how they work and the different types available.


Air Conditioning:

This is something we have all heard of and you will find these units in all sorts of places from homes, to shopping malls to office complexes to name a few. Air conditioning units are effective at cooling and dehumidifying rooms and we investigate this type of device here.A typical home air conditioning unit.

Other areas we will be talking about on this site will be the different options available for

Underfloor Heating


Space Heaters

Air Purifiers

HVAC Solutions

So please take your time and look around our site as we are certain you will find the information here relating to HVAC systems and other home heating and cooling solutions very useful and informative.

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Here is a great visual graphic explaination (created by the folks at Wellhome.com of what HVAC and its related systems do:-

 HVAC systems

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  • Heat Pumps
    Heat Pumps
    Heat pumps are a split type of HVAC system that can heat AND cool your home.
  • Air Conditioning
    Air Conditioning Units
    Find out the benefits of air conditioning units and how they work to keep you comfortable.
  • Underfloor Heating
    Underfloor Heating
    Learn more about underfloor heating and why it is becoming more and more popular.
  • Furnaces
    A home furnace is a very common and efficient way to heat your home.
  • Space Heaters
    Space Heaters
    We look at the different types of space heaters available, which are self contained units.
  • Air Purifiers
    Air Purifiers
    Air purifiers are a popular product that can help combat indoor air pollution effectively.
  • Fireplaces
    Modern fireplaces are very popular with home owners these days.
  • Green Energy Talk
    Here we like to discuss and talk about green energy ideas and inovations designed for your home.
  • Humidifiers
    Humidifiers are great in helping you control the quality of the air inside your home.